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    Become a Prime Member (Prime Day is June 21-22) First, if you are not an Amazon Prime member, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. I have been a Prime member for years and I cannot tell you how much I have saved on shipping alone. I love, love, love 2-day shipping! Plus, I watch videos, … Read more
  • 5 Effective Ways to Quickly Organize Important Papers at Home
    Despite this being the “digital age,” we have more papers than ever in our homes.  Whether you have papers in the kitchen, the bedroom, or in a home office, keeping them organized is sometimes challenging.  So, what’s the best way to organize papers and documents at home?   The perfect paper organization system will: be … Read more
  • The Top 15 Craft Organizers for Crafters Who Need More Space
    Do you have a way to store things in a way that keeps your tools and supplies easily accessible without taking up all your valuable storage space? These craft organizers are designed to help you keep everything neat, organized, and ready to go.
  • 20 Simple Clothes Organizing Products You Need to Try
    Having the right products to keep your clothes organized makes all the difference. Here are some of my favorite clothes organizing products for keeping your clothes tidy and properly stored. Over-the-door storage One of the best ways to gain storage space is to use those out-of-the-way spaces that get wasted, like the back of a … Read more
  • Create a cozy space for your summer hygge
    Got a hygge lover in your life?  Summer hygge is all about outdoor fun and relaxing with friends.  It’s about creating your own peaceful oasis for summer downtime.  Read on for lovely ideas to bring hygge into your summer or to find a perfect summer gift for a friend. Cozy décor for outdoors Your backyard … Read more
  • How to Banish Paper Piles for Good
    This guide will give you a practical roadmap for eliminating piles of paper from your home.