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20 Simple Clothes Organizing Products You Need to Try

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Having the right products to keep your clothes organized makes all the difference. Here are some of my favorite clothes organizing products for keeping your clothes tidy and properly stored.

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Over-the-door storage

One of the best ways to gain storage space is to use those out-of-the-way spaces that get wasted, like the back of a door. Of course, you can use hooks to hang things, but you can also use specialty over-the-door storage containers. Here are a few to consider:

The right hangers

Using the right hangers will not only help your clothes to stay put and look nice longer, but can also save you space. Some specialty hangers can even provide unique storage solutions for things you might not think to hang in a closet.

Shelf organizers

Shelves are notoriously hard to keep organized! Putting clothes in piles on a shelf usually results in frustration as they tip over and get messy. Here are a few things to help fold clothes neatly and organize your shelves.

Drawer organizing help

Drawers are another difficult place to keep organized. It’s often hard to see inside drawers and they quickly become messy when you dig through them. Some of the best things for keeping your drawers orderly are various kinds of dividers. It may take a bit more effort to put things away, but it will be so easy to find exactly what you want!

Under-bed storage

One of the best places to get extra storage for clothes is under the bed. This is a great place to store out-of-season clothes. Make sure that your under-bed storage is easy to pull out (use wheels if you have a solid floor and no wheels if you have carpet).

Other storage for clothes organizing

Here are a few more ideas to consider. How about using a coat rack for been-worn-but-not-dirty-yet clothes? Or maybe you need to conserve space with some vacuum-storage bags. You can also make use of vertical space with some hanging storage bags (especially nice for moving!)

I hope these give you some creative storage ideas for your clothes. Need help with organizing craft supplies or papers? Check out these posts: The Top 15 Craft Organizers for Crafters Who Need More Space and 5 Effective Ways to Quickly Organize Important Papers at Home

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