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15 Simple Ways to Create Outstanding Meal Plans

We all know there are incredible benefits to meal planning.  At the top of my list is the stress it saves over figuring out what’s for dinner at the last minute.  A long-term advantage is that you get really good at cooking meals you know your family will eat.  Who doesn’t like to feel like … Read more

A meal plan for beginners with printable templates. You can create your own weekly or monthly dinner menu for a healthy family. Easy ideas and tips! #mealplanning

How to Make Your First Meal Plan: an Easy Guide for Beginners

Meal planning made simple Ever cringe at the question “What’s for dinner, mom?” In two hours with just paper and pen (or your computer) you can create a simple menu plan that you can use forever.  Set aside an evening to follow these five easy steps.  You’ll never dread that question again. Materials needed: printed … Read more

Potted flowers and kitchen towel on a hanging rack with shelves

Easy Mini Kitchen Makeover

Recently I started noticing how junky my kitchen was. Piles grow and sit on the counter until I become so used to seeing them, they just blend into the background. Some stuff has been around for years and has become worn out and sad looking. The drawer I’m used to rummaging around in has all … Read more

Shows meal planning in process with a stack of cookbooks

How to Get Your Meal Prep System Together

Let’s dive into creating a Household System for something that happens on a daily basis: meal preparation. How does meal preparation lend itself to a system? How could it be streamlined and systematized for maximum efficiency? Think about making a process map for how you go about preparing meals.  A process map is simply a … Read more