family eating a meal in the back yard

Create a cozy space for your summer hygge

Got a hygge lover in your life?  Summer hygge is all about outdoor fun and relaxing with friends.  It’s about creating your own peaceful oasis for summer downtime.  Read on for lovely ideas to bring hygge into your summer or to find a perfect summer gift for a friend. Cozy décor for outdoors Your backyard … Read more

glass of milk with a Christmas cookie

20 Cozy Gifts for the Hygge Lover

Here is a little list of gifts for the hygge lover in your life. Who doesn’t love snuggling up with a good book and a warm drink? Read on for some lovely gift ideas for a cozy Christmas. Cozy hygge décor Let’s start with some cozy décor. Some soft lighting, a candle, and a fun … Read more

Christmas tree decoration

Post Christmas Cleanup

Today I took down the Christmas decorations.  With the help of the kids, this actually went pretty fast.  The main reason for this is that I limit the amount of decorations that we have.  Let’s face it: I’ve got a small house and don’t have much room for knick-knacks.  We put up a tree, a … Read more