Paper pile and inbox organization

5 Reasons You Pile Things and How You Can Stop

Excavating Piles A while back I excavated one of my (many) piles to get a sense of exactly what ends up in my piles and why I was making piles. From a single pile that had been sitting on my bedroom floor for several months, there were approximately 70 (!) items: sticky notes magazines paint … Read more

The Declutter Diaries: the inside story of a real decluttering project

The Declutter Diaries: Day 31

The Declutter Diaries is a series of posts I did for a former blog as a glimpse inside a real decluttering project [with occasional editorial comments from my present self].  You can start with Day One here. Read Day 30 Decluttering File Cabinets After 10 trips up and down two flights of stairs moving school … Read more

Paper pile and inbox organization

In The Beginning, There Were Piles

My mother is one of those people who is just naturally neat. Even my two brothers are neat, organized people. Our house was always tidy and clean, with one glaring exception: my bedroom. Somehow I missed out on the “neat gene.” My room was always chaotic and overstuffed. Oh, I had my neatness attacks and … Read more