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Create a cozy space for your summer hygge

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Got a hygge lover in your life?  Summer hygge is all about outdoor fun and relaxing with friends.  It’s about creating your own peaceful oasis for summer downtime.  Read on for lovely ideas to bring hygge into your summer or to find a perfect summer gift for a friend.

Cozy décor for outdoors

Your backyard is a great place to relax and let your hygge show.  Start with a backyard firepit and make s’mores with the kids.

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Backyard firepit

S’more sticks

smiling woman sitting in hammock

Want to just relax?  How about a hammock.  Add an outdoor rug and a few lights and you have an inviting outdoor living room.


Outdoor rug

Outdoor lights

Summer beverages & picnics

Nothing says summer like iced tea.  Make up a gallon of sun tea and you’ll be ready for hot days in the backyard.  Keep it cool in insulated glasses, or store other beverages in this handy patio table cooler.

Sun tea container

Iced tea bags

Insulated drink glasses

Patio table cooler

How about a leisurely picnic?  You’ll be ready for an evening outing when you pack your favorite snacks and drinks in this picnic basket.  And don’t forget the blanket!

Little girl and grandmother having a picnic on a blanket in the backyard

Picnic basket

Picnic blanket

Your summer home

Change out your bedding for some cool, lightweight summer sheets.  Bring your favorite flowers indoors and spread them around with a variety of vases. 

Lightweight sheets

Flower vases

Add fairy lights to create soft, enchanting light in your favorite room.  Or maybe you prefer beautiful candlelight to extend your summer evening. 

Woman relaxing in tub surrounded by candles

Fairy lights



Breathe in the fresh air and create your own little garden oasis.  Plant some flowers.  Even if you don’t have a yard, you can create beautiful planters on the porch.  Add some magical light globes for beautiful lighting after dark.

Flower seeds

Garden hand tools

Porch planters

Color changing light globes

Outdoor fun

There’s nothing quite like a bike to bring back summer memories of childhood.  You can get some exercise and enjoy exploring your town.  Or reunite with friends over a favorite backyard game.

back view of man and woman riding bicycles on a path through trees


Croquet set

Corn hole set

However you bring hygge in, focus on things that add to your peace and friendships.  Create inviting spaces that encourage people to slow down, relax, and enjoy spending time with friends this summer.

Create a peaceful, cozy home with these summer hygge ideas.  Hygge lifestyle ideas and gifts will make your home a peaceful oasis this summer.

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