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The Declutter Diaries: Day 30

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The Declutter Diaries is a series of posts I did for a former blog as a glimpse inside a real decluttering project [with occasional editorial comments from my present self].  You can start with Day One here.

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Today I bought shelves for the basement from one of my favorite stores—Target.  I even managed to get them on sale!  Total cost: under $40.  And can you believe this?  I didn’t buy one single other thing from the store. [This is a major accomplishment for someone who likes to check out the $1 section, “just in case” there’s an amazing bargain for something we need.]

This evening my husband helped me put them together (as advertised, easily snaps together with no tools).  Best of all, they fit under the stairway.  Hooray for measuring tapes!

Tomorrow, I begin the mass exodus of the school room….

[This is another short post, so I will add a few more thoughts from the present]

*This is NOT an affiliate post.  My opinions about Target are my own–NO payments exchanged hands for this post.  Just sayin’.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Target

Target (a bargain department store in the US) is both a boon and a curse when it comes to organizing.  On the plus side, there are tons of amazing and cheap organizing containers available.  I love buying shoebox storage boxes at 5 for $4 (on sale, of course).  Wandering aisles of brightly-colored office supplies, home decor, and containers (neatly arranged on shelves) is a true joy.  All that color-coordination and tidiness just makes me swoon!

On the negative side, Target has the-ever-so-enticing $1 section right by the entrance.  It takes an iron will to swoosh past that section without a second glance.  And don’t even think about going to the store with kids!  The toy section and entertainment section are sure to result in endless pestering from them.

The love-hate continues with the bargains.  Believe me, there are amazing bargains to be had–but this is also a problem.  It’s too easy to justify buying cartloads of bargains because it is so cheap.  When was the last time you stood behind someone who was just buying one thing at Target?  I rest my case.

Recently, June Doran shared some excellent advice about the Target REDCard on her blog This Simple Balance.  Normally, I harden my heart to all the offers for credit cards, but this article has made me reconsider the possibilities (especially since there is a little-known debit card option).  Check it out.

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