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The Declutter Diaries: Days 41 and 42

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The Declutter Diaries is a series of posts I did for a former blog as a glimpse inside a real decluttering project [with occasional editorial comments from my present self].  You can start with Day One here.

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[Note: things are rather sporadic at this point.  I’ll try to label the posts with all the days that are included, especially all the missing days.]

Day 41

[I have no idea what happened on this day, there is no entry.]

Day 42

Today I worked on my front entry and hallway.  This was surprisingly easy to declutter, mostly because there wasn’t that much there.  It just looked messy because it wasn’t organized very well.  I am trying out a new shoe rack for the front entry hallway.  The old one didn’t work well with shoes constantly falling through into a heap on the floor.  The new one is actually a set of shelves, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Front hallway before decluttering.


Front hallway after decluttering.

[I’m sorry the above pictures aren’t quite from the same angle and distance.  I am making notes to myself about how to take good before-and-after pictures.]

Entry before decluttering


Entry after decluttering.

[What I notice about these pictures is that straightening up and containing things really makes a big difference in how things look.  I overhauled this area again last summer so there is even less junk here now, and no recycle bin.  As convenient as it seemed to have the recycle bin there, I realized that the first impression people had of our home was a bunch of trash!  Not good!]

The Ongoing Battle of the File Cabinet

I continued the battle with the file cabinet in the upstairs hallway.  I made some headway, but it just takes soooo long to go through file folders.  So far I have about an eight-inch stack of paper to put in the recycle bin.  I was really hoping I’d be done with this by now, but there is an amazing amount of paper that can be stuffed into a deep file cabinet.  By my approximation, there was about 4 feet of paper in there (yes, of course, it was stuffed to maximum capacity and beyond!).

My new plan of looking for what I want to have instead of what I want to throw away was marginally successful.  This did get me going quickly, but it turns out there is too much that I want to save!  Granted I haven’t looked at some of this stuff in ten years (as evidenced by the gardening info I found for a state lived in ten years ago), but it’s tough to just toss the whole thing without even checking to see what might be in there.  It could be valuable!  I might want it someday!  (Did I just hear somebody make an excuse?)

The battle rages on…

[It continues to rage.  Just today I spent a crazy amount of time looking for a file I’m sure I have somewhere.  And once again the file cabinets are completely full and I have “temporary” boxes of files and paper looking for a home.  I’m pretty sure this is the next project I need to tackle.]

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