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4 easy reasons to give the gift of a Bookroo monthly book subscription

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Note: I received one free subscription box in exchange for this post.  The review is my own opinion of Bookroo.


A gift subscription to Bookroo’s monthly book box for kids is a unique gift for a book-loving kid (or mom-to-be) and here’s why:

1. No searching for the perfect book

Bookroo does all the research for the books they choose.  That means YOU won’t be spending your precious time reading book reviews or thumbing through books in a store reading the back covers and trying to find winners.  All you do is order and the rest is done for you.  What could be easier?


2. Send a gift they don’t already have

One of the great things about Bookroo is that they will not be sending the same top ten books that you can buy anywhere.  The books they send are fun and beautifully done, but probably not a book that your giftee already has.  They work hard to find those lesser-known gems.  Score for sending unique books!


Bookroo books come with free gift wrapping


3. Free gift wrapping

Who doesn’t love free gift-wrapping?  I LOVE that it’s included in the subscription.  Each book is individually gift-wrapped and serves as a reminder that it is a gift.  Unwrapping presents is fun and exciting for kids, so it’s a win-win.


4. Avoid gift overload

Because the books are spread out over a year, it helps reduce “gift overload” for birthdays and Christmas.  Your gift is going to be remembered and enjoyed months after all the other toys have been forgotten.  Definitely a win!


Want to read a review of Bookroo (and see an unboxing video)?  Check out this post for more details about what comes in a Bookroo subscription box.


See what comes inside a Bookroo subscription box


Ready to order a Bookroo subscription? Click for Bookroo


Here are a few gift-giving occasions to consider for a Bookroo book subscription:


Baby Shower

Do you need a group gift for a baby shower, especially if this isn’t the first shower the mom-to-be has had?  The baby board book subscription would make a fabulous gift.  This would be a fun, thoughtful reminder of you throughout baby’s first year.



Or maybe you’re a grandparent or a special friend who wants to send a Christmas gift to your favorite book-loving kid.  You can avoid “gift overload” and spread the fun throughout the year with a Bookroo book subscription.  Picture books and chapter books are both available.



Perhaps you’d like a unique gift for a kid who seems to have everything (or maybe you just want to encourage a love of reading).  Again, Bookroo would be an excellent choice because of the unique books they choose.


Easy Gift Giving

Maybe you’re just pressed for time and would really like to delegate the gift-selection and wrapping.  Bookroo is an easy way to send a gift and save time while still providing a thoughtful gift.  Bookroo makes the best gift for all the book-loving kids in your life.


Board books that come in the Bookroo baby subscription box



No searching

Unique gift

Free gift wrap

Avoid “gift overload”


Great for:

Group baby shower gift

Christmas gift from a grandparent or special friend

Birthday gift for a kid who has it all

Anyone who wants help with selecting, wrapping, and sending a gift


Bonus:  If you sign up for their newsletter, you can get a discount.  Go check out your gift subscription options.


Ready to order a Bookroo subscription? Click for Bookroo


Need suggestions for subscription boxes for the book lovers in your life? Bookroo provides unique book subscription boxes for kids. Perfect baby shower gifts for boys, for girls, or for unknown gender. If you need birthday or Christmas gift ideas to buy for babies, toddlers, or kids who have everything, monthly book subscription boxes make an ideal gift.


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